"Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid."
- Albert Einstein

Love hurts.
Love is a dangerous game. You play it and you either win or become severely scarred.
I know I wasn’t the best. I wasn’t the best looking, the best dressed, the best in bed, the best body, or the best person in the world. But I tried. I was not the best, but I gave it my all. I poured out my heart, soul, and body. And now I feel like I have nothing.
You did so swiftly. So calmly. So eagerly. Like the time we spent meant almost nothing. A sharp pain surged through my heart. So much time. So much love. So much money. Everything to try to satisfy you.

But nothing was enough. I was not enough. Now sleeping alone doesn’t even feel the same. crying to sleep seems like the only way to exhaust myself enough to fall asleep.

Nevertheless….I wish her nothing but the best. Even though I will only idly sit in her head as a memory, while she stirs in my heart as a reminder…..to never love so easily.

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Ever feel alone in a room full of friends?

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My life just needs to end. Tired of everything.

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fucking sucks.

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Dave Chappelle finished his week long run in Minneapolis Saturday night with a charity basketball event at the Target Center. And yes, they served pancakes while Chappelle as Prince played on the monitors. Well done, Dave.

Target Center

Minneapolis, MN


Forever will be my favorite comedian. Dude got big

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Over forty years later:



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Well, SHIT

Dreams really do come true, children.

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